What’s new with SARA JANE GONZALEZ?

What are you up to at the moment?
I am working as Business Design Lead at Designit in Latin America. I am on the second year of the Executive PhD at Politecnico di Milano.

How did DESMA influence you?
Since I changed company, both my research topic/interest and professional practice has changed significantly. But I am still applying my knowledge in terms of courses I received through DESMA and I am connecting to people I met during DESMA that today are supporting my research.

How do you relate to ”finding new ways of doing and communicating research”?
I think doing and communicating research within academia + practise in a executive PhD program is something natural, as it is one of the main goals to create knowledge that is relevant for both academia and the company. In addition, I believe in creating a conversation about design+management at informal settings, and to generate ‘neutral spaces’ where managers and designers collaborate even to discuss topics or problems non related to their jobs, but to their city, society, or their personal interests. That is what I experienced in some events as the Service Design Drinks or Innovation workshops, where offering a space in the city to

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