What’s new with NAIARA ALTUNA?

What are you up to at the moment?
In October I’ll “celebrate” my first year at IBM! Currently working for a multinational CPG company, supporting them in their digital transformation journey, starting with marketing and driven by consumer insights.

How did DESMA influence you?
The research done during the DESMA project helps me to have a different and broader perspective around the issues I address with the companies I work with, which is often missing in day to day company business. Also, all the learning I got from my practice and research around Innovation of Meaning is something I keep in mind, and which helps me to provide a “MEANINGFUL EXPLANATION” to the transformations the companies I work with are undergoing. These explanations are much appreciated by clients!

How do you relate to ”finding new ways of doing and communicating research”?
Being now in the industry side, I do feel practice MUST be at the core of any research, results to be valuable and provide actionable insights for the industry. When it comes to D+M, they are coming together, many companies are playing with both, inventing “formulas” to make them work together, and again, this formulas are not theoretical, but rather practical “trials” where things are put in practice, sometimes with successful results, some other times with not that good outcomes.

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