What’s new with MARZIA ARICÒ?

What are you up to at the moment?
Staying true to the DESMA’s spirit, I’m juggling professional work with academic research. At Livework, I’m leading a team of researchers and practitioners in the joint effort to build and launch Livework Insights, the company’s first internal R&D center. The research center has the objective to create an active loop between what we learn in project work and our reflective capacity to guide the Service Design practice and discipline forward. At Copehangen Business School, I’m still working on my PhD, exploring Service Design readiness and adaptiveness. I’m studying key organizational capabilities, and individual and team abilities, to successfully embed Service Design in the modus operandi of large, for-profit organizations.


How did DESMA influence you?
DESMA has provided me the right platform and knowledge to successfully bridge practice and academia. This understanding is driving my work between Livework and Copenhagen Business School, to ensure the work I develop with one partner feeds the other.


How do you relate to ”finding new ways of doing and communicating research”?
I think it is time to enable research to be accessible, and most of all actionable, to multiple actors in different areas of practice. I find myself often conversing with managers and business leaders struggling with challenges that have already been extensively explored in academia. They simply do not know about it. THEREFORE, I THINK IT IS TIME FOR ACADEMIA TO BEND TOWARDS A MORE ACCESSIBLE LANGUAGE AND CHANNELS. Reviewing the way we evaluate researchers’



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