What’s new with EVA KIRCHBERGER?

What are you up to at the moment?
I am writing up my thesis, answering the research question how entrepreneurs can defend their successful innovation from strong competition, looking at two industries: service design, which is young and faces diverse competition, and the fashion industry, which is established and features long standing firms setting the tone for a long time, such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, even the subject of fashion is very flighty.

How did DESMA influence you?
My DESMA research allowed me a deep look behind the scenes of a co-pioneer in service design, Engine, and how the board develops a business strategy within a very competitive market on a daily basis; this inspired me to look at the wider design industry and what we can learn from it in terms of organisational behaviour in similar situations in general.

How do you relate to ”finding new ways of doing and communicating research”?
The DESMA program allowed me to be exposed to different worlds in service design (Engine) and management (uni), academia and practice. This multidisciplinary training allowed me to develop competences as an allrounder: I have set up my own start-up Wunderlab, I am teaching consulting to designers and service/experience design to management consultants. Hopefully in the future, I can talk more and more about the lessons we learn from the wider creative industries.

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