What’s new with ANDREW WHITCOMB?

What are you up to at the moment?
I will defend my PhD on October 14, 2016, which focuses on the ways that design researchers account for the ethics of designing together. Also, I recently started working as a design researcher at Veryday, the company that hosted my research for DESMA.

How did DESMA influence you?
My research as part of DESMA helped me build a relationship with the company, particularly an understanding of how insights from research could contribute to Veryday’s current and future design practices.

How do you relate to ”finding new ways of doing and communicating research”?
I approach doing and communicating research with an experimental and informal attitude. I believe in maintaining an open and down-to-earth dialogue among people from different backgrounds and worldviews, whether by broadcasting informal video chats, or setting up entirely new platforms for people to share their experiences researching and designing.

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