Veronica Bluguermann

I’m an Argentinian designer, enthusiast amateur photographer, devoted coffee consumer, eclectic globetrotter and a bit shy when it comes to write a self-bio.

At the moment I’m working at Living Labs Global, a small but super ambitious social enterprise. I’m fully engaged with their mission, so I try to embrace myself in every project they bring to the office. It’s a great design research setting.

Prior to DESMA, I did an MA in Industrial and Strategic Design al Aalto University, in Finland. I focused my studies on Participatory Design methods and process, Strategic and Service Design. During that period I put hands into practice through several internships. I designed services for a Finish electricity company, location based services for a French GPS producer, and lastly for the MA thesis project I developed mass customization services for Nokia. My thesis entitled “Service Design in the Age of Collaboration” was the starting point in exploring the role and practice of design in mass collaboration services.

Before leaving Argentina, I graduated on Industrial Design from Buenos Aires University. I worked in several design studios which provide me with experience on developing products from conception to production. I also worked at the University as teacher assistant for two years. Lastly, I got interested in design for the public sector when I joined the research team at the Metropolitan Design Center, an institution from Buenos Aires Municipality.


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