University of Gothenburg

Business & Design Lab (BDL) is a research centre at the University of Gothenburg and is based on a collaboration between the School of Design and Crafts and the School of Business, Economics and Law. BDL is the co-ordinator of DESMA and will take a particular interest in developing methodologies and research methods and for clarifying what the design perspective entails in the context of management. The relationship between design practice and knowledge and management practice and knowledge has been the focus of both practical interventions and theoretical reflections at BDL since inception.

BDL’s experience and expertise in research spans over all the other sub-areas of research and the ESR in this sub-area will also be affiliated with (at least) one other sub-areas of research.

The core management team of DESMA (Anna and Oriana) are located at the University of Gothenburg as is Ariana Amacker.

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