Sabine Junginger

I received my MA in Communication Planning & Information Design as well as my PhD in Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania. After being a lecturer (Ass. Prof.) at Lancaster University, England. I became Associate Professor at Kolding School of Design, where I currently conduct research into design, business, management and organizations. I am also a Fellow at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany. In addition, I serve on the Advisory Board of Mindlab in Copenhagen, a cross-ministerial research unit.

I approach design thinking from many different angles, looking into the meanings, roles and values human-centered design and design methods have for organizations. One of my goals is to provide tools for designers and managers that show the many ways in which design can and is being used within the organization. This includes visual tools for designers and managers to evaluate and reflect on the roles they assign design. I argue that design and design thinking are not new to organizations because organizations and managers are confronted with design all the time. What is new, however, is to refocus their design efforts around human experiences and around their organization’s core purpose: developing and delivering goods and services for people. In this context, I am interested to find out how large and complex organizations can use a deeper understanding of design thinking and design methods to make desirable changes. Organizations I have studied include The United States Postal Service, The United States Internal Revenue Service and the Australian Tax Office.

I have contributed to several books (for example: Design for Policy by C. Bason (forthcoming); Service Design: Theory by Miettinen S. & Valtonen, A. 2012, Design Thinking by Thomas Lockwood, 2009), published articles in the Design Journal, Design Issues, the Journal of Applied Business Strategy, Design Management Review and am the co-editor of three books (The Handbook of Design Management, 2011, with R. Cooper & T. Lockwood; The Highways and Byways of Innovation, with P.R. Christensen, forthcoming and Designing Business & Management, with J. Faust, forthcoming (Bloomsbury).


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