One Day, Two Delays


Exhibition: Thursday 6th October, 2016, 1pm-­9pm (single day only)
Closing Event: Thursday, 6th October, 2016, 6-­9pm
AND eventSpace, 10 Back Church Lane, London, E1 1LX

Please RSVP to
020 7481 9053, Nearest Tube, Tower Hill
Unrestricted parking on street from 5:30pm.
Due to one way systems please enter Back Church Lane from Commercial Road.


One Day, Two Delays takes the form of a structured exchange between two writers who are also practitioners of the visual arts. Kathryn Best and Peter Suchin will present, for a single day only, a range of original images, in relation to which their collaborator has produced a series of idiosyncratic textual responses, these being displayed in the gallery alongside the selected paintings and photographs as individual pieces in their own right. Although the initial works arguably retain their implicit contextual frameworks the show’s dialogical approach attempts to destabilise what is tacit or implicit in these figures or forms, opening up the received images to unintended or unpredictable modes of address. In taking such a playful, critically promiscuous perspective with respect to each other’s imagery, the artists have nevertheless agreed to employ several starting points for the exhibition. These include Roland Barthes’ important but cryptic literary manifesto The Pleasure of the Text (1975), Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies (1975, fifth edition, 2001), and various open themes such as those of numbers, material and the immaterial. Marcel Duchamp’s notion of delay has also acted as a ghost to this show, reading that term as a cipher of what has elsewhere been described as the return of the repressed. These methodological triggers or generative conceits mark out a landscape without determining, it is hoped, the final details of the territory itself.


Kathryn Best is an architect, creative catalyst and author of several books including Design Management: Managing Design Strategy, Process and Implementation (Bloomsbury 2015/AVA 2006) and What Can Design Bring to Strategy? Designing Thinking as a Tool for Innovation and Change (Inholland, 2011). Recent engagements include University of the Arts London, Design Management Institute; UK-­Mexico Year of Culture 2015 and Curitiba, Barcelona and Clerkenwell Design Weeks.


Peter Suchin is an artist, critic and curator. He has contributed to many publications, including Art Monthly, Art Press, The Guardian, Frieze and Mute. Recent group shows include Fourteen Turns: Meditations on a Coffee Mill (Lubomirov/Angus Hughes, London), Abstract Apartment #2 (Deborah House, London), Doppelgänger (Lewisham Arthouse, London), and Four Words: Market (Liverpool city centre), all 2016.

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