Naiara’s project

Research interest:
I’m exploring how innovation can be addressed as a process of reinterpretation. Here the reinterpretation regards to the meaning of a specific product or service, thus, the goal is to come up with a new meaning. In doing so I am studying how can companies collaborate with external interlocutors to help them understand the reality they are looking at and rethink the meaning of their products/services.

Case studies, qualitative

Main research setting: 
Coming up with a new meaning is not an easy task, but if you get the right inspiration/insights it surely it’s easier. I am currently looking at groups of people (we would called them radicals) that have proposed their own thinking in regards to food (ex. Slow Food), software (ex. Open Software Foundation) etc. and have then inspired other people to create their business initiatives (ex. Eataly -for Slow Food-, Linux-for Free Software Foundation). I do believe these groups of radical can be a great inspiration for companies to come up with innovations of meaning, which is the reason why I’m looking at them.

Innovation, Meaning, Identity, Interpreters, Radical Circles

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