Naiara Altuna

With an Industrial Engineer with a major in Innovation and Design Management and a Master Thesis in the two areas I am passionate about: Design and Management. I have always enjoyed pursuing and attaining lofty goals, being the fact of finding an opportunity to do my Master Thesis at Politecnico di Milano in the two areas I am passionate about (Design and Management) one of the achieves I am most happy of! This is when I uncovered the path I wanted to follow after graduating, as my Master Thesis in Milan led to my current position as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) at DESMA’s Training Network, based at Politecnico.

The abroad study experiences I had in Copenhagen, London and Milan have enriched my University career professional and, above all, personally. Having traveled through new cultures, experiencing and adapting to local customs, reveal an open minded and curious personality capable to adapt to new situations and able to overcome difficulties regardless the problem’s origin and nature. Moreover I am a sport lover, being field hockey my passion since I first took a stick at the age of 14.


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