Marzia Aricò

I strongly believe in the power of collaborative intelligence and cross-pollination of business and design. I am currently researching the impact design can have over business, and together with LiveWork, my industry partner, developing solutions for business sustainable growth based on the service design approach.I have a multidisciplinary background with a BA in Industrial Design in Italy and an MA in Innovation Management in the UK. I have always been passioned about the effect of design thinking on innovation processes, working as “bilingual facilitator” between business practitioners and academia to help producing productive friction.

My career has seen me working with 60 Fortune 500 organisations across 21 different industries, researching and exploring the Future of Work through collaborative intelligence. During the last 4 years, I have been researching, envisioning, investigating and visualising future scenarios through an in-depth exploration of the evolution of society, culture, technology, resources and demography. I have also co-designed the tools and methods for collaborative research to happen both face-to-face and online.


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