Martin Kornberger

I received my doctorate form the University of Vienna in 2002. After a decade in Sydney, where I worked as associate professor for management and design at UTS and found the brand experience agency Play, I currently work at the Department of Organization at the Copenhagen Business School as professor in strategy and organization.

Trained as philosopher, I am fascinated by the organization society we live in. I research, write and teach about practices of organizing, strategizing, accounting, and marketing. My aim is to upset some of the taken for granted views on managing and organizing; simultaneously, I want to amplify, accelerate, breed, and, perhaps sometimes maybe even create new perspectives that allow to see things differently.

Today, I concentrate on writing, researching and working with managers and those who are managed around the globe. While I have an eclectic bookshelf behind me, my eyes are firmly focused on organizations, the economy and society: how do we manage organizations? How do organizational cultures shape insiders? How do brands engage with outsiders? How do we strategize our futures? And how can we make organizations behave more ethically? Currently Vienna and the Copenhagen Business School provide the congenial environments for the pursuit of these questions.


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