Mark Kennedy

I am an assistand professor at Imperial College.

My research focuses on the emergence of new markets and industries and the more basic building blocks of organising—categories, identities, forms, strategies, practices, reputation criteria and so on.

My publications have appeared in American Sociological ReviewAcademy of Management JournalOrganization Science, and Research in the Sociology of Organizations.

I was educated at Northwestern University and Stanford University and received my Ph.D. and MBA degrees from Northwestern. Before coming to Imperial, I was at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Before becoming an academic, I was a Principal in the management consulting unit of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and, before that, a software engineer and product manager for a Santa Clara, CA-based startup. As a consultant, I have served clients in technology, healthcare and entertainment on difficult issues at the intersection of strategy, leadership, and organisational change.


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