Lien De Cuyper

My academic background is in business engineering. I hold a bachelor and a master degree from theĀ University of Ghent in Belgium. My DESMA position is at Imperial College London where I am part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group within the business school. I tend to focus more on the management side within the DESMA frame, taking organizational and business model design as a starting point. By doing so, I hope to contribute to the attempt to bring the disciplines of design and management closer together.

More specifically, my research interests are business model design and the implications of competing objectives on the level of the business model. So far, academic literature has focused of the consequences of competing objectives on the level of the organization or the individual. I believe there remains to be a lack of insight in the implications on the level of the business model.

Furthermore, I am interested in social and environmental innovation and the ventures that are set up around these kinds of innovation. In the context of the DESMA project, I am particularly interested in how design can play a role in the development of these types of innovation.

Since social enterprises face both social and economic objectives, they provide an interesting empirical context for research about competing objectives. I will take this particular field of social entrepreneurship as a research context to investigate the design of business models and the implications of conflicting demands on this process.


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