Lavrans Løvlie

As a founding partner of Livework, I lead service design projects and help organisations think and act more creatively about how they deliver value to their customers.

25 years ago I started my training as an industrial and interaction designer in the US and the UK. I went on to work in a range of roles from designing digital services to work with innovation, customer experience strategy, and design. I have also been teaching service design regularly at universities across Europe.

Working across sectors from government to car manufacturing has enabled me to understand the value organisations can gain by orienting themselves more towards their customers. With a design approach, I have helped deliver innovative ideas to the market. The common thread is putting the customer at the heart of delivering great services.

During 12 years with Livework, I have worked with organisations across continents faced with incredibly complex challenges. What unites them is that their customers need simple and useful solutions. I make sure our highly creative team helps our clients deliver services that are valued by their customers.

I believe creativity can bring about better solutions to the challenges that we all face in everyday life. Livework was founded to bring a new and human approach to designing the services we all need on a daily basis. We do our best to make a difference.

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