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Kathryn Best

Meet Kathryn:

I am a published author, creative entrepreneur, experienced educator and frequent speaker at conferences and design festivals internationally. I offers insight and foresight into the power of creativity and design to affect positive change in business and society. My commissions come from academic, commercial and government organizations, often in connection to creative and cultural events. I work with individuals and organizations to catalyze more conscious, creative and transformative approaches to how we operate in the world today and how we embed universal values, balance, beauty and wellbeing into daily business practice.

I am a Fellow of the RSA and occasionally run a meet-up group in London called ‘the new enlightenment’ through GlobalNet21. I have published several books on design management. A new edition of ‘Design Management’ (now in 9 languages) is due for release in Jan 2015, and in late 2015 ‘The Fundamentals of Design Management’ will be released in its 7th language – Farsi – for Iranian readers.


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