Fernando Pinto Santos

I love brands, design, and all that revolves around the management of strategy, creativity and meaning in organizations. I’ve worked as marketing manager in multinational companies and SMEs for more than 12 years, in different businesses and settings, namely in Hong Kong, Portugal and Angola. I’ve been also an entrepreuner, launching and managing my own businesses, and I’ve developed consultancy work in brand management for several organizations.In terms of academic background I hold a bachelor in Management, a Post-Graduation in Brand Management, a Master in Graphic Design and a Master in Marketing Management. Gradually I started realizing how academic research is fulfilling and can really impact the way organizations evolve and become more competitive. That’s why I joined the DESMA project. I believe that design management can make a difference in the business world and be decisive for competitiveness. And I also believe that all that are involved in the DESMA network can make an impact and contribute to push the design and management fields forward.


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