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DESMA Vibes is an unusual conference featuring live discussions, interactive participation and the latest in design management research!

The event will present the research outcomes of all DESMA researchers. A publication summarising the DESMA research experience will be available for all registered participants. But the real focus of the event will be on where to go next; the future of the field and how the DESMA network could become a constructive force in directing that future.

Departing from issues that have emerged from the DESMA research and network, we will ask experts from academia and practice to share their take on these issues and lead “jams” to figure out new ways to tackle them together with the participants. Drawing on the high level expertise of our knowledgeable network, we want participants to experience, question, and reshape these ideas in realtime, through interactive participation, collaborative improvising and remixing of knowledge. Participants are also invited to pitch contribution ideas relating to the future of DESMA and become an active network member leading DESMA into its next phase.

*And by happening we mean a constructive gathering of academics and practitioners who want to shape the future of design and management.

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