DESMA Tours, First Stop: Argentina

DESMA in Buenos Aires

DESMA is now entering the third year of existence. We spent the first couple of years to get to know each other (we are 12 very different researchers!) and to develop our individual research projects. During last summer we decided it was about time to start sharing our research insights with the rest of the world, through a number of “dissemination” activities.

This is how the “DESMA Tour” came to life! We think the name rocks.

We started with Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a one-week trip that has seen four of our fellow researchers, involved in a number of activities aimed at getting both practice and academia in Buenos Aires to know about our work.

It has been an incredible, exciting and stimulating week for Veronica, Marzia, Naiara and Sara Jane. The tour saw them speaking at the following locations:

If you are interested in the details, check out the Storify of the trip. You can also view the slide decks used for the presentations in Slideshare.

The trip was a great opportunity to introduce Design Management and our research to an audience where it still is a novel topic. The response was fascinating both from academia and practice. In the academic setting in particular, the conversation triggered an analysis of the role of Design Universities in preparing students to enter the job market. On the other side practice shared their frustration in finding the right talent for their needs.

For the researchers it was a great opportunity to experiment with new ways of presenting their research and creating impact. The trip produced a number of connections and possibilities for future collaborations in view of extending our network.

But it’s only the beginning! Buenos Aires was just a test, a starting point through which we learned a lot of precious lessons. We are now planning a new Tour in Spring 2015 that will touch Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Spain.

If you are based in any of these countries and would like to get involved, please get in touch!


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