DESMA Chats: Episode 4

Episode 4
Design Managers and Creative Leadership with Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdottir

In Episode 4 Andreas and Andrew spoke with Gudrun Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir, founder, creative director & design consultant at Studiobility in Iceland. As a practicing designer trained in prosthetic makeup for film and television, furniture making, industrial design, as well as project management, Gudrun has developed vast experience in connecting design and management in her work. Departing from Gudrun’s diverse professional background, we began the conversation around design management and creative leadership in organizations. For instance, Gudrun has developed a number of tools and techniques for helping people work across disciplinary languages. In her tools Gudrun combines models of design thinking with models of project management and lean development in order to support communication and understanding throughout the design process. Yet, additionally we discussed that tools alone are not enough to bridge differences in perspectives among stakeholders. Creative leaders also need the ability to speak each language of the disciplines within an organization, as well as the skill to connect the unique qualities of the various people that play a part in design processes. We concluded with the thought that to really open up possibilities and reach new outcomes, design manager needs to be able to navigate people in a way that builds upon their individual strengths.

We want to thank Gudrun for a very inspirational talk!

Stay tuned for more conversations on DESMA chats!

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