DESMA Chats – Episode 02

Chats Episode 02

We broadcasted our second episode of DESMA Chats, which was Part One one of a two part series called “The Value(s) of Research Networks.”

Oriana Haselwanter, communications strategist and deputy project co-ordinator of the DESMA Network joined Andreas and Andrew to reflect upon the value of research networks that aim to break down boundaries between disciplines and institutions. For this episode we got a little personal while we tried to unpack our experiences as new researchers in ambiguous and constantly shifting research settings. Along the way we highlighted how many of our assumptions about research and practice — for instance that practitioners aren’t interested in theory — aren’t always true, and that training for skills of conversation and translation could be elevated even more in future networks. Sound interesting?

Well we’re going to keep the conversation going and will open the chat to other people who have taken part in network structures that bring together diverse perspectives and fields of practice. If you’re interested, check us out at

Watch the episode here!

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