DESMA Chats is a series of conversations that are broadcasted online that allow people to share their thoughts and opinions about topics that emerge when working between the intersections of design + management as well as research + practice.

We want to offer a platform that fosters casual, yet thought-provoking, conversations among people interested in design + management, focusing on some of the interesting and challenging aspects that come up when exploring new territories across two (or more!) arenas of practice.

The dates and topics of upcoming DESMA Chats will be presented on our website and sent out via the DESMA newsletter. If you want to join a discussion and discuss a topic of your interest, we invite you to send an email to and explain the topic to us so we can set up a DESMA chat together with you.

Our first public DESMA Chats episode will be broadcasted on November 11th. The topic we will discuss is about one of the buzziest buzz words currently in design management: design thinking. Stay tuned for more information.


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