DESMA Avenues

This book provides a peek at the research projects conducted by the the 13 researchers within DESMA in 2012-2015. Each researcher has written a chapter reflecting some critical aspects of their research, and we have asked some of the DESMA Advisory Board members to reflect further on their insights.

Download the pdf – DESMA-Avenues-online!

With texts from:
Åsa Öberg
Ariana Amacker
Andreas Benker
Andrew Whitcomb
Eva Kirchberger
Fernando Pinto Santos
Lien De Cuyper
Marzia Aricò
Marta Morillo
Naiara Altuna
Sara Jane Gonzalez
Ulises Navarro Aguiar
Veronica Bluguermann

Anna Rylander Eklund
Barry Katz
Bettina Maisch
Bettina von Stamm
Claudio Dell’Era
Ileana Stigliani
Kathryn Best
Roberto Verganti
Rob Chatfield
Toni-Matti Karjalainen

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