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What are you up to at the moment? Staying true to the DESMA’s spirit, I’m juggling professional work with academic research. At Livework, I’m leading a team of researchers and practitioners in t […]

Marzia’s recent publications

CONFERENCE PAPERS & OTHER PUBLICATIONS Arico, Marzia; Gonzalez, Sara Jane; Rylander, Anna and Whitcomb, Andrew (2014) Mapping the Future of Design + Management Research. Proceedings of the 19th D […]


Marzia’s project

Research interest: Large, non-design led organisations transitioning from a product to a service offering. The mediating role of design in bringing customer experience to the core of business strategy […]

Marzia Aricò

I strongly believe in the power of collaborative intelligence and cross-pollination of business and design. I am currently researching the impact design can have over business, and together with LiveW […]