What’s new with ARIANA AMACKER?

What are you up to at the moment? I’m in the final stage of writing my dissertation which is to be completed March 2017. How did DESMA influence you? It is my DESMA research 😉 How do you relate t […]

Ariana’s project

Research interest: I’m interested of the experience and process of making or giving form (“gestaltning”) to an idea and the aesthetic (embodied) qualities of this experience. In particular, I’ […]

Ariana’s recent publications

CONFERENCE PAPERS & OTHER PUBLICATIONS Amacker, Ariana (2014) Embodied Brand Meaning Through Design Aesthetics: An Underdog Brand Story. 19th Academic Design Management Conference. 2-4 Sept. 2014 […]


Ariana Amacker

I come from the USA where my background in modern dance and architecture has shaped my ongoing curiosity about the use of the body in design and designing experiences and concepts through a language o […]