Åsa Öberg

I am a researcher at the Information Design Department at Mälardalen University, Sweden, a visiting scholar at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and an art director at the consulting institute Project Science.

After 10 years of experience in marketing and design in different industries, I am now conducting research on how companies can propose radical innovation of product/service meanings, how innovation of meaning shapes society and businesses, and how meanings can be represented and embodied. My studies are conducted in cooperation with both Swedish and international organizations. I combine advanced research methodologies with consulting practice aimed at testing and implementing new innovation approaches. I have been advising managers in companies such as P&G/Gillette, Unilever, Gucci, Deloitte Australia, Cielo Brazil, Vox Poland and Abb Robotics as well as public Swedish institutions like The Västmanland County Administrative Board and The Munktell Science Park of Eskilstuna. My Licentiate thesis “Innovation Driven by Meaning” was published in 2012 and my Doctoral thesis will be published in 2015. I have authored articles presented at several international conferences and in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management and International Journal of Innovation in Management. At The International Conference on Innovation and Management, Honululu, I was awarded the Best paper Award 2014.
My mission is to spread the awareness of the potential of product meaning to both companies and students, for example through seminars as TEDx-talks or the Swedish Research Grand Prix competition. A special interest is the link between meaning-making and sketches and I am a member of the Urban Sketchers local group in my hometown of Eskilstuna, Sweden.


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