Ariana Amacker

I come from the USA where my background in modern dance and architecture has shaped my ongoing curiosity about the use of the body in design and designing experiences and concepts through a language of the senses and felt relationships rather than of “things”. I hold a Master of Architecture fromTulane University in New Orleans a Master of Environmental Design from the University of Calgary.

Currently I work as a Marie Curie funded PhD student in design at the University of Gothenburg where I am investigating the notion of open inquiry and the nature of aesthetic (or embodied) design knowledge. Specifically I’m looking at how using materiality and perception allows artists to continually reexamine and question perceptive experiences of the world and to what extent that is related to social and self-fulfillment. I am engaging with these questions by integrating Pragmatist philosophy and embodied cognition theory and in testing different methods of performance arts and somatics that are grounded in the bodily perception of experience.

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