Andreas Benker

I am a researcher at Aalto University School of Business in the department of Management and International Business. My industry partner is Philips Finland, where I joined a product development team working on a game-changing medical device.

Having studied International Marketing as my Bachelor’s degree, I migrated towards design and design management throughout my Master’s, studying International Design Business Management (IDBM). IDBM is a cross-disciplinary Master’s degree offered at Aalto University that combines the disciplines business, design, and engineering. Throughout my academic career, I have had the chance to gain insights into various industries and organizations. I have worked for large companies in the automotive, sporting goods, cosmetics, and chemical industry. The latter was also the setting for my Master’s thesis, in which I investigated the effects of integrating design into the materials selection process to consult product developing companies. My case study was about a chemical company’s internal design department and how the design discipline creates value for various stakeholders involved in the materials selection process.

My current fields of interest, and yes they are constantly changing…or let’s say evolving, center around user experience, usability engineering, and the interplay between technology, design, and meaning creation. Working in a product development team at Philips Healthcare, my research focuses on medical devices and the people involved in using or being exposed to such.

I am interested in the role of users within the development process of complex products. My research emerges from a practical setting, i.e. that of a medical device manufacturer, and I am looking into the usability aspects of the devices under development. Therefore, I am exploring how to manage the integration of a user perspective in a technology-driven development process in order to design for usability.


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