DESign + MAnagement = DESMA

DESMA is an Initial Training Network within the area of Design Management funded by the European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions (FP7). Starting from a core network of 13 researchers, 4 universities and 8 industry partners, we seek to build a vibrant and sustainable community across Europe of high quality research exploring the territory of design + management that will drive discussions about the future of the field, exchange knowledge, and support collaborations between academia and practice.

Since we started in 2012, the DESMA Network has been connecting with the design management community throughout Europe and the world. Over the past few years we have branched out and brought together some of the best and brightest researchers and practitioners in the field to help shape the future of this promising arena of practice. We have started several initiatives such as DESMA Talks, DESMA Tours, DESMA Chats or DESMA Vibe to spread the DESMA word and invited researchers and practitioners alike to be part of this exciting movement.

DESMA moves beyond traditions of applying design to management and management to design to find new spaces where design and management overlap and pollinate each other.

DESMA’s mission is to engage academia and practice in rethinking how the combination of design and management can drive innovation, competitiveness and social progress in new ways.

DESMA is the «+» in design + management because we are rethinking what design management means.