Aalto University

The International Design Business Management program (IDBM) is a joint teaching and research platform of the Aalto University School of Economics, the School of Art and Design and Science and the School of Science and Technology. It was established in 1995 and has gained a wide international reputation as a pioneer of multidisciplinary education in design, business and technology. In addition to mastering the graduate-level program and practice-based industry projects, and taking actively part in the research activities of Aalto University, IDBM carries out its own research and participates in the development of the international community in design management research. IDBM research has the aim to generate systemic and multidisciplinary knowledge applicable to global business development that is design- and technology-intensive. IDBM functions on the cross-point of disciplines, integrating relevant parts of existing disciplinary views and epistemologies, and developing new theoretical and empirical perspectives on the multidisciplinary interaction. IDBM research is strongly based on empirical data and industry interaction. It nurtures an explorative, creative, and open-minded approach in order to be agile and reactive towards emerging phenomena within design and creative industries. IDBM Research is constructed around (but not limited to) three main research themes: 1) Design management, 2) Integrated multi- and interdisciplinary processes in design, business and technology, 3) Design for brand and product identity. DESMA project will strengthen the body of IDBM research and opens up novel ideas and directions for further activities.

Fernando is an active researcher at Aalto University.

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